Thursday, March 14, 2013

sun and dirt

good morning everyone, this week is giving a glimpse of summer (about 30C) and already the air conditioners everywhere in this country are working overtime. we try not to use the ac as much and did not use it this year (well not for cooling that is. as there are no radiators in the houses here like you would expect in europe, people also heat with the acs. not my favorite heat.).
as a result of the running acs in buses and at work i caught a cold (remember: it is 30C outside).
findus likes the sun. he has a new favorite spot outside on the balcony, rolling in sun and dirt.
our small "garden" looks rather sad right now, not much to see or harvest. but i planted some new carrots, tomatoes, dill, radishes and some other seeds but am not sure if it is worth it as we might not have the time to see them grow and harvest them.
if everything is going as planed we will leave this apartment around august/september and go volunteering on a farm or something similar.
we will see what happens, we can always give our plants to friends so they can enjoy them and their harvest. it just feels kind t weird to be waiting like this. waiting until august, waiting until december and then waiting until we have our own little house in the north of germany somewhere.
have a wonderful day everyone, i am off to work now.

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