Monday, March 18, 2013

the tel aviv food co-op

there is one thing that bothers me most about how we live now and that is that we don't know where most of the food we eat comes from (except for the few tomatoes, green onions, carrots and herbs from the balcony). also organic food in israel is usually more then double the price of conventional food so not very friendly to your wallet. after we saw some documentaries and blogs about food co-ops, r. started looking for one in tel aviv. and he acctually found one! so on friday we went to sign up. it works like that: you pay 200nis to become a member and help packing the food once a month or so. during the week you can choose on their website what food you want  and on friday you come and pick it up. if you choose to leave the food co-op you get back 150 of your 200nis.

here is a short video about the food co-op in copenhagen to give you an idea what it can be like. the one in tel aviv is still small (about 80 people i think) but here is how big things like that can become. they provide over 3500 people with food and have no paid employees.

i will keep you posted and update after we get the first box of food on friday.
do you have a food co-op in your city? have a look, there might just be one around the corner that you don't know about!