Friday, April 26, 2013

38 free introduction to permaculture classes with will hooker from NC state

i told you already that we started being interested in permaculture and alternative agriculture etc. and we found a lot of great videos and lessons on the way. one of them are the free introduction to permaculture lessons by will hooker from NC state. they recorded the classes for a distance education course in 2010 and now you can "sit in the classroom" with them, learning about food forests, water systems, alternative building and so on.

i sometimes get the feeling it is an americanised version of permaculture what will is teaching. he is doing permaculture for a long time and i guess everyone develops their own "style" =)

never the less this is a great resource for everyone looking to learn a bit more about permaculture and gardening systems. the videos might take some time to load, so don't give up!
click here to give it a try!

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