Monday, April 29, 2013

coconut oil hair treatment

i have to admit that i am not taking very good care of my hair. i never did. i was at a hair salon maybe twice in my life (i let friends and family cut it) and hate brushing it because it keeps tangling and knotting itself.
this is uncombed around christmas 2012, just as an impression
so i am probably the worst hair person out there and my hair almost reaches my but now!
i tried several store bought conditioners and treatments, untangling prays and all those things but never found anything i was really happy with.

as i got into homemade and DIY recipes for around the house i found this hair treatment and i was very happy with it. (of course i forgot to take any photos, but i will next time.) it made my hair shiny and it felt a lot stronger. i also think it was easier to comb but that is hard to measure ;)

give it a try:
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 large egg
  1. heat the coconut oil until it is completely liquid and take it from the heat.
  2. mix in the honey (it might take some minutes until they are well combined).
  3. now gently mix the egg yolk and white together and add it to the honey coconut oil mix.
  4. when everything is combined apply it to your dry hair (try to cover everything including your scalp).
  5. cover your hair with a shower cap or old towel and let it soak for as long as possible. it might start itching a bit when it drys, so massage your scalp and hair gently through the towel/shower cap. i left it in for several hours and then washed it out with some warm water. your hair will be a bit oily (i left it like that over night and shampooed in the morning), amazing =)


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Dr Batras Review Khar Mumbai said...

Coconut oil can be used irrespective of colouring or treating your hair. Its one of the most natural products you can use on your hair. Cheers!

thomas peter said...

heat the coconut oil until it is completely liquid and take it from the heat.coconut water health benefits

maji trich said...

Oil massage is good for hairs.

Angela Navejas said...

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