Monday, April 1, 2013

dye easter eggs naturally

check here how to make these mustache eggs =)
and it is easter again =) we don't really get any easter feeling, chocolate bunnies or anything similar here in israel and last year i kind of missed it completely. this year i promised  myself to at least colour some eggs. as i don't like to add artificial colours to my food, i turned to pinterest for natural ways of colouring eggs. 
i was surprised to see such vibrant colour. you can use beets or onion skins for red, turmeric for yellow, spinach for green and even red cabbage or blueberries for blue. check here for excact amouts and ideas. we had some onion skins (red and white ones) and some curry. as it turns out it does not matter if the onion skins are red or white, they both turn out red. at least ours did.. here is how we made the dyes.
add some of your ingredients to a pot, add 3 sups of water and 2 tablespoons for white wine vinegar. i also added some salt as it is supposed to help extracting the colour. let that cook for abot 30 min.
strain out the ingredients and add the eggs. boil that until you reched your desired colour.
we decorated the eggs with duct tape, rubber bands and other stickers.  
here is how ours turned out. 
the colours are more vibrant in reality, the photo does not do justice.
give it a try! happy easter!

ps: for more ideas check out my pinterest easter board.


Terry and Linda said...

Very nice! I was surprised at some of the colors with the veggie!


Katha said...

i was surprised as well. the red cabbage for exemple - who would have thought that it makes things blue?