Sunday, April 7, 2013

no more rain...

our "garden" in the middle of tel aviv. not that much going on right now as we know we are leaving this place in august. some chilies and strawberries that survived from last year, some radishes, carrots, herbs, flowers and some new tomatoes.

our strawberries are producing fruit again, as are the chillies. they stopped doing that over the last weeks, to cold maybe. the last days it was unbelievably warm and i think we had our last rain this year. today we had 31°C. and yesterday we even went to the beach and got ourselves some sunburns!
my small tomato plants are doing good. we grew them from seeds we saved from r.s favorite tomatoes that we usually bought in the store. i find those old tomato cans very practical. but remember to make some holes for drainage!
findus is happy that it is not raining anymore. i don't think he likes rain very much. it is still somehow suspicious to him, water that is falling from the sky...
this evening and tomorrow is holocaust remembrance day in israel. also it is the day that anonymous chose to attack all israeli websites... weird choice i think... not appropriate.

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Terry and Linda said...

I not appropriate.

I am so glad I've found your blog!