Sunday, April 21, 2013

... a rainy day

something odd is going on in tel aviv... 
it is raining. it is raining in the end of april! we are supposed to be on the beach and come home sunburned, live with the AC and sweat all day. well it does not look like that is going to happen soon. the last days it was raining and thundering; it was rather chilly and we ate soup =) 

i like that kind of weather and i am not too eager for the blazing heat to come. 
findus agrees that this is going to be a lazy day.
he keeps falling asleep with his head up and wakes up from it sliding down.
the climate is changing. it is supposed to stop raining here at around easter. there is supposed to be snow in germany for christmas and not for easter. are the seasons moving? 
something is changing, that is for sure.

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Terry and Linda said...

And winter is NOT leaving us. I'm getting really tired of being cold.