Saturday, May 4, 2013

alys fowlers edibe garden

several months ago when i was looking for more and more sources about small scale self sufficient gardens/farms i found these videos by the bbc with alys fowler.
to me they are so enchanting. they show this almost magical little backyard full of flowers, vegetables, fuits and chicken; with alys and isobel enjoying every bit of it.
roots and leafy greens
i kept looking for more videos but there are only a few gardening videos made for the guardian or the bbc, there was never a second "season" of the edible garden. such a shame.

i hope you enjoy them too. there are several small recipes squezed between all the gardening.

she also wrote several books about gardening and foraging that are available on amazon and many other places.


Terry and Linda said...

Where you live you should be able to have a really nice garden. Also I'll bet the food there is good. I would love to go shopping in the open markets for food and to learn all of the new ways of cooking.


Heather said...

What a wonderful collection of videos! I am constantly trying to figure out ways to maximize production on the very small city lot we have. Unfortunately I also have to contend with a very short growing season living in New England in the US. Thanks for sharing these!

Katha said...

@Linda: it is true that in israel amazing things are growing like citrus and a lot of weird fruits. but it is also far too warm for some things. i am having trouble growing anything in summer. the sun is just to mean...

@Heather: they are wonderful indeed =) did you check out urban permaculture yet? that might be something for you if you are looking to grow a lot in a small space! try sepp holzers permaculture, he lives in a region of austria that is called austrian sibiria and he grows kiwi ;)

Gretchen Stuppy Carlson said...

Thanks for these video's - I'm really enjoying them.