Thursday, May 2, 2013

geoff lawtons free vidoes

 here is another source of information about permaculture, how to design you land and also what to look for when you buy land that i found through paul wheatons
all you have to do is sign up for geoff lawtons newsletter and you will get updates on his videos for free. he is a permaculture designer and is heading the permaculture research insitute in australia.
here a small taste of the videos.
for my taste he focuses a bit too much on crises and disaster prevention in his films, but i guess that makes it more interesting for some people. for me it is all about sustainible living and self sufficiency but if you are prepping these videos might also be of great value for you.

so take a look and tell me what you think about it.
he is uploading new videos every week or so to his website.

here some more videos by geoff lawton on youtube:

for more click here...
or here

UPDATE: obviously now it is clear that he wants to sell his permaculture design course. i think it is a good thing that he make that information available to everyone but still it is a huge marketing machine for himself... also i can seem to access the previous videos anymore now that he has released his sign up video. i was hoping for practical infomation. but i guess you get that when you sign up. (not what i am going to do for 997$)

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