Thursday, June 6, 2013

yarok az - the next step in our journey

if you are following me on facebook you might already know that we will quit our jobs and go wwoofing in the end of august. we decided to do some wwoofing here in israel before we leave the country to get all the office work out of our system and have a go at some permaculture/gardening. so we went to the website of wwof israel and found yarok az
credit: yarok az
after some correspondence we decided to pay them a visit in the north of israel and see the farm for ourselves. it is a very small but beautiful place.
credit: yarok az
 they have goats, horses, chicken, some ducks and a pond full of frogs! they are also close to something called "the jesus trail" so they get a lot of tourists and decided to offer accommodation. 
credit: yarok az
now they run a successful eco touristic farm. they also make their own cheese and build almost all their own buildings so staying with them is likely to be very interesting! for some pictures of the farm click here to get to their gallery

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