Thursday, September 5, 2013

yarok az - settling in

so we finally arrived at the small farm in the north of israel that i have been talking about - yarok az.
we arrived some days ago after a rather stressful move. as we are moving to germany right after our 3 months here we gave away/sold most of our things and started sending some packages to germany.
findus, the cat had to come with us of course and is settling in better than we thought. he really hates driving in a car but he seems to like the small caravan that we are living in.
here on the farm there are some goats, chicken, roosters (very loud ones), a duck, a lot of baby cats and two horses. we milk the two goats that are giving milk every morning and evening (7:30 and 18:00) and feed the animals. it is surprisingly hard to milk goats if you are not used to it as it requires that you have strength in you hands. i had no idea that you have to press so hard. but it is getting better every day =)
yarok az is not a farm in the conventional sense. they don't own huge fields and live off the yields off those but offer accommodation for tourists and israelis alike. the farm is located close to the jesus trail and a lot of people stop here on their way.
 there is a garden with vegetables and some raised beds and so on. they also have a lot of fruit trees.
we mainly came here to learn useful skills and get away from the office jobs we had for the last 2 years. there is such a huge difference in sitting in front of the computer for 9 hours and being outside, working with animals and plants. it seems to me that everyone who chooses the office has no idea what they are missing...


Terry and Linda said...

No they don't know...and often times really don't care! GOOD FOR YOU!! The place looks lovely and really, like lots of fun in a hard work sort of way!

Three will go to Germany in the winter :(


Manisha said...

Oh, I think you are right! You have the courage to start living your dreams and ideals :-) Love

Katha said...

it is a really nice place and a lot of fun =) and yes we will get to germany in time for christmas =) i missed winter here in israel, winter here is lik fall in germany...they sort of skip the winter if you ask me. i am really looking forward to see snow again!

Nina Ruit said...

Mazel tov on making the move! I wish I had lived on a kibbutz or moshav when I lived there. I miss it, but like you, don't miss the lack of defined seasons!