Thursday, October 3, 2013

how to make and preserve labane

recently we made labane out of the yoghurt we made the day before. labane is basically strained yoghurt, a thick, creamy cheese that israelis eat with everything =)

the simple version is to just line a colander with a cheese cloth, position this on a big pot to catch all the whey and pour the yoghurt into the cheese cloth. let it drip over night or until it has the desired consistency. 

to help the separation of the whey and the solids you can also add some enzymes/rennet  (one drop on two tablespoons of water, one tablespoon of this mix on 10L milk) when you are making the yoghurt (after you stir the yoghurt into the milk). that will make the yoghurt much more solid and it will take less time to drain the whey out of the yoghurt.

labane is delicious by itself, on bread or in salads and wherever you can imagine. but you can also mix it with garlic and mint or chives or any other herb you have at hand.
labane is a fresh cheese and therefore does not keep for a long time but there are some ways to preserve it for winter: the simplest way to do that is to wait until it is relatively solid, wet your hands and shape small balls that you store in olive oil with some herbs for taste. make sure to cover all the balls in olive oil so no air can reach them. like this they will keep much longer.

do you make your own fresh cheeses? i would love to hear about other methods of making and preserving fresh cheeses.

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Terry and Linda said...

I enjoyed this post very much! Your photos are very good!


cecilia g said...

Right this minute, sitting on the table next to me, is a big pot of yoghurt, you and I make it the same way, when i strain it (and add a little salt) I call it Labneh, my favourite is when i add a wee bit of chopped rosemary too. But strained without the salt we call it greek yoghurt. I always make greek yoghurt, the unstrained yoghurt (which is how the french ate it when i was there)is not as attractive to me. With this one I will take a cup of the yoghurt and add it to warm fresh raw milk, then 1/2 a tab of rennet, sit, then cook to make a fresh farmers cheese. I LOVE farmers cheese. Lovely to see you Cat!