Saturday, October 26, 2013

lilly the crazy pet goat

goats are funny animals and lilly is definately one of the most ridicules ones ( in a good way =)). 
when lilly came to yarok az she was very sick (some problem with her stomac) and the owner gave her away because he did not think she will make it in his herd. 
when we arrived at yarok az she was running around freely, feeing a lot better but still a bit weak. in the last weeks she got better and better and with that sillier and sillier! 
she is jumping, running around, nibbling on everything she can find (including noses, pants, hair....)
when we planted the garden with the winter crops she needed to be locked up, otherwise there was no way we would be eating any vegetables out of the garden this winter. 
also she will need to get used to live with other goats and not only with us humans. so we put her with the kids (they are about her age but she is way smaller because of all the problems she had when she was small) and she is doing great. i still take her out once in a while.
she eats everything... plastic, my clothes... earth..
and every time i come to visit her she greats me like this =)
and wants to climb!
if i could i would pack her in my suitcase and take her with me to germany!
she is the most adorable goat i have met so far.

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