Thursday, December 19, 2013

our arrival in good old germany and snow in the wrong place...

we arrived safely and without many complications in germany last thursday evening. findus that cat was quiet the whole flight and seems to have taken the adventure well. no hiding under beds or cup boards for days, no hungerstrike, no leaving presents anywhere. he is living inside for now until he gets used to his new home. after a few weeks we might let him out (if he wants to...he does not like rain).
the day after we left israel, the worst (snow) storm in decades swept over "the holy land", brought jerusalem up to 50cm of snow and hail in tel aviv!
snow in jerusalem (image source)
the weather all around the globe seems to be out of balance. we should have snowstorms here in germany not in israel and egypt... right now the temperatures where we are are around 0°C but no snow in sight, only rain. i am still hoping for a white christmas, but the forecast says 5-11°C...
snow at the western wall (image source)

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