Friday, March 29, 2013

the easiest bread recipe ever!

good morning everyone, some time ago we found a bread recipe that claimed to be so simple that a 4 year old could successfully bake bread. well that sounded interesting. we are allways out there looking for new ideas and recipes. i posted the recipe on our shared blog and you can read it here.
we are baking this one on a regular basis now and it allways turnes out amazing. we also tried a whole wheat version of it. just replace some of the white flour with whole wheat (not all of it otherwise it will have difficulties rising), some of the water with milk and maybe add some sugar or honey. we also put in double the amount of yeast to help it rise propperly.
give it a try, it is so unbelivably simple that i really belive a kid could do it!
 let me know how it works for you.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

earth hour 2013

good morning everyone,
yesterday was earth hour from 20:30 to 21:30. it seems like israel does not have an official earth hour, but we just participated anyway =) 
we turned off the lights for almost the entire evening. what about you? does your country participate? did you turn off your lights? 
go over to to learn more and to join one of the many i will if you will challenges!

Friday, March 22, 2013

friday and a lot of sand

today was a strange day. the morning was hot almost without wind. then came wind and lots of sand and dust. with weird dim light and plastic bags flying all around.
this is the view from my desk at work, it was about noon when i took this photo and we had the lights on and still it is dark. all the skyscrapers you usually see from you windows are barely visible and cloaked in sand and dust. like on another planet. this photo does not do justice though. it looked more like on mars then the bright light that seems to be coming from the outside.
when i walked to my bus it had cleared up and was mighty windy.
here some impressions of a friday afternoon in tel aviv.
it is almost shabat (shabat starts friday evening when you can see the first three stars). everyone is going to have a big meal with their family tonight and no one is this part of town anymore. 
i work in an industrial area with a lot of office buildings and garages.
and friday is always very quiet. no one is working.
shabat shalom everyone, have a nice weekend!

Monday, March 18, 2013

the tel aviv food co-op

there is one thing that bothers me most about how we live now and that is that we don't know where most of the food we eat comes from (except for the few tomatoes, green onions, carrots and herbs from the balcony). also organic food in israel is usually more then double the price of conventional food so not very friendly to your wallet. after we saw some documentaries and blogs about food co-ops, r. started looking for one in tel aviv. and he acctually found one! so on friday we went to sign up. it works like that: you pay 200nis to become a member and help packing the food once a month or so. during the week you can choose on their website what food you want  and on friday you come and pick it up. if you choose to leave the food co-op you get back 150 of your 200nis.

here is a short video about the food co-op in copenhagen to give you an idea what it can be like. the one in tel aviv is still small (about 80 people i think) but here is how big things like that can become. they provide over 3500 people with food and have no paid employees.

i will keep you posted and update after we get the first box of food on friday.
do you have a food co-op in your city? have a look, there might just be one around the corner that you don't know about!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

sun and dirt

good morning everyone, this week is giving a glimpse of summer (about 30C) and already the air conditioners everywhere in this country are working overtime. we try not to use the ac as much and did not use it this year (well not for cooling that is. as there are no radiators in the houses here like you would expect in europe, people also heat with the acs. not my favorite heat.).
as a result of the running acs in buses and at work i caught a cold (remember: it is 30C outside).
findus likes the sun. he has a new favorite spot outside on the balcony, rolling in sun and dirt.
our small "garden" looks rather sad right now, not much to see or harvest. but i planted some new carrots, tomatoes, dill, radishes and some other seeds but am not sure if it is worth it as we might not have the time to see them grow and harvest them.
if everything is going as planed we will leave this apartment around august/september and go volunteering on a farm or something similar.
we will see what happens, we can always give our plants to friends so they can enjoy them and their harvest. it just feels kind t weird to be waiting like this. waiting until august, waiting until december and then waiting until we have our own little house in the north of germany somewhere.
have a wonderful day everyone, i am off to work now.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

there and back again...

findus when we got him, on my shoulder
hello everyone, thanks for staying around while i was gone. guess where i was? on the blog i have with my boyfriend, in my real life (figuring out the future), working, knitting, thinking and i also was on pinterest... come over and visit me some time, will you?

so many things happened since i was here last time. we got a tiny cat named findus (who is not so tiny anymore as you can see on the photos in this post), we had some rockets raining down on tel aviv, we decided to move to germany, have a small farm, marry and sooo many other things.

basically we started thinking about the future and talked about the way we want to live, work and be together. very soon we discovered that the way we live now is not what we want. what we want is much more down to earth, back to the basics/nature and a lot more self sustaining.

r. had this dream of living on a farm and if i think back to when i was a kid: i always wanted my own little farm (and to be a circus acrobat... well...) so that seemed something that fit both of us.

the whole thing started with the thought of buying a house. here in israel that is almost impossible as the prices are way over the top and much more expensive than in europe.
so we checked in germany and found houses (more like small farms with about 4000m² of land) for amazing prices. of course they need some work, some more than others, but then we also want to work on them to make it our own.
we started looking into permaculture and natural farming methods, discovered sepp holzer, mr. fukuoka, bill mollison, comunity gardens, food co-ops and so much more.
what do you want?
so we decided to start learning about agriculture/permaculture in germany, buy a farm and to make our lives more sustainable and self sufficient. we want to be closer to nature, know where our food comes from and have animals around us. bake our own bread, make noodles, cheese, candles, clothes, furniture and everything else (as far as possible of course and in tini tiny steps).
findus in his favorite spot
have you thought about what you want from life lately? have you checked if your goals that you made a long time ago are still valid for you? i found that mine change slightly all the time and that it is good to think about them once in a while to make sure i am still on track...