Sunday, January 12, 2014

making our rings...

some time ago we decided to make our own wedding rings (he would make mine and i would make his) and luckily found a friend that would help us with that. she makes beautiful silver jewelery, bowls, cutlery and so much more. you can see more of traudel hennigs works here, here and here.
so first we measured our fingers and decided on design and width of the rings.
then we had to cut a stripe of silver in the right length and width.
as they were a bit too thick, we made them thinner with this device (to me it looks like a giant pasta certainly works the same way =)).
 of course rings are round not flat so we bend the strip and connected the ends to form a ring.
 now comes the texture of the rings (hammering makes them bigger so we had to hammer and cut them to make them smaller several times).
 when the rings had about the right size we took off the rough edges on the outside... well as the inside.
 and gave everything a nice texture.
 the last things missing were an r ♥ on my ring and a k on his.
his ring will go to be galvanized (he wants his to be dark) mine will stay this way. 
i could not have hoped for a more perfect ring with more meaning and am very grateful we had a chance to make them ourselves!
ps. i really hope we can use them soon as we are having some trouble with the papers we submitted to the OLG (high court) and now have a problem with our time frame..

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