Friday, June 20, 2014


fespa digital/fabric and the european sign expo in munich
we had some hectic last weeks, first i was in munich working at an exhibition, then we went to israel for 10 days (lots of weddings and family dinners) and now we moved to a small house not far from the farm where we volunteered the last months.
going for a walk in israel
it always takes some time until a new home feels like home, until everything is in the right place and feels right. now, after about 10 days we are starting to relax a bit, going for walks, working in the garden etc. 
findus the cat looking out of our new bedroom window
today we finally got internet so i can upload photos again (flickr) and we dont have to go to a coffee shop to write emails and so on. you will hear more from me soon, i promise =)