Saturday, August 9, 2014

hella and roxy

so now we finally got our chickens =)
 we drove for about 50min to a local amrock chicken breeder to choose two to take home.
when we arrived home we opened the carton and released them.
  the one with the red face (in the front) is roxy, the other one is hella. they were really scared of us, the wind, the cars....everything.
the first thing they did was climbing the compost and escaping into the garden. so we had to fence it off for now until we make the fence around it higher. we want them to be able to forage on the compost heap in the future.
over time they became much calmer and even findus did not scare them anymore.
they did make some noise when he was close though, but even walked towards him to check him out. we were a bit afraid after findus initial reaction (running towards them when they escaped into the garden) but now he seems to be friendly and only nosy and interested.
the first evening they did not go into the coop by themselves so we had to catch them and take them there. they are much friendlier today and explore their new home with a lot more confidence.
we will see how they will react to all the changes in their lives over the next days...

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