Monday, March 24, 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

another new chapter

photo by storebukkebruse
this was taken on our last walk in "our" forest at my mums. we went north on monday. all the way to the beautiful wendland. we arrived at an amazing small farm with really nice people and animals where we are going to stay for some time. this area is much flatter than the south and very beautiful in its own way. we drove for 7 hours and it was nice to see how the hills slowly flatten and finally almost dissapear. this is bycicle country. they even have bycicle (car) parks/ indoor parking for bycicles here!
we have been to busy to take many pictures but maybe tomorrow i will do that.
today we went to lüneburg, a beautiful old city with lots of funny crooked houses and tiny streets. there seemed to be an unproportional number of book and flower shops in lüneburg, one each on every corner. and in search of a map of the north west of germany we visited every single of those bookstores until we finally found what we were looking for. 
we are hoping to find a small house somewhere in this area to start our next adventure. but for now we are going to work and learn on this nice little farm.

Friday, March 14, 2014

alpaca farm in the black forest

some time ago we went for a trip to an alpaca farm in the black forest and i wanted to share some photos with you. 
we went there for the alpacas (we are thinking of owning some in the future) but they had a lot of other animals too. 
like giant donkeys,
very tiny pony's,
some sheep, dogs and cats. 
two of the goats started giving birth while we were showed around by the owner. it was truly magical to see the kids stand up and how their mothers cared for them. 
the mother caring for her newborn kid
the goats did not need any help, the owner just separated them from the herd so the kids would not be harmed (it can happen that the kid tries to drink from the wrong mother and goats are not very gentle in pointing out that mistake...).
photo by storebukkebruse
we bought some raw alpaca fibers for a very good price. they are incredibly soft but short and for a novice spinner like me slightly hard to handle...

the owner showing us how to greet an alpaca (photo by storebukkebruse)
 alpacas seem to be very friendly creatures and the bottle fed ones where very cuddly as well. usually they don't seem to like people touching them too much but they will come and great you if you go forward with your nose.
photo by sorebukkebruse
photo by flickrolf