Sunday, April 13, 2014

no fuzz, delicious ice cream

spring is finally here and we have been eating and making ice cream almost every day. this recipe is taken from a cook book i bought in israel. when we were at yarok az we went to visit the school (in harduf, an anthroposophic village) of one of the girls from the farm and ate some ice cream in the restaurant there. i had ginger and orange zest and it was so amazing that we asked the lady in the restaurant for the recipe. 
she told us that she got asked for her recipes so many times that she actually wrote a book about her life and her cooking. fortunately she even had an english version and i got a signed copy right away =)
the book is full of little stories and advice about food. you can tell that she has an antroposophic background as she is talking about eating seven different grains on the seven days of the week and similar things. until now every recipe we tried was really tasty and recently we tried to make her ice cream as well.
 it is a simple way of making delicious ice cream with what ever flavouring you like and without having to stir it every hour or owning an ice cream maker. unfortunately we keep eating the ice cream before i can take some good photos... next time =)

for 2 liters you will need:
  • 4 eggs (separated)
  • 500g of cream
  • 150g sugar (i only use 100g)
  • flavouring of your choice 
(chocolate, vanilla, fruits, here for ideas)

  1. separate the eggs
  2. beat the egg whites stiff and add half of the sugar
  3. beat the cream 
  4. and beat the egg yolks and add flavouring and the rest of the sugar
  5. now carefully fold everything into the egg yolks until well combined
  6. pour into containers and freeze for about 24h
  7. enjoy!
it turns out great every time! i use less sugar because i think 150g make it too sweet but that is what the original recipe calls for. go and have a look at her book! you can buy it online if you like =)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

canoeing to dannenberg

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